Thursday, 11 September 2014

The life of Patricia Mirawati Susilo

Patricia Susilo who was born in Jakarta, migrated with her immigrant parents to Australia at 4. From an early age, she had an interest for self-development and self-realization which was sparked by her father who encouraged her with sayings like “diamonds are rare because they went through immense pressure” and “You are the architect of your own life”.

Patricia Mirawati Susilo started her life as early as possible, and began gaining exposure so that she could contribute to people. She worked as a cashier for her uncle at 13, as worker in retail at 14 and then moved into corporate world while simultaneously completing her university degree at Curtin University (Bentley).

By the age of 17 she began working for Companies like Automotive Holdings Group, Clough, and Price Water-house Coopers; she was awarded her certificate of Bachelors of Commerce, double major in Accounting and Finance in 2009.

Patricia Mirawati Susilo started her journey of entrepreneurship at 20, in property renovations and then, at 21 a joint business with her brother Bryan Susilo in real-estate which specialized in vendor-finance transactions.

Patricia Susilo gained many experiences in life and this was something she knew would assist her in whatever the future may bring. Today, she works in the National Australia Bank in business banking sector which increases her experiences and exposure to business even further.

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